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Rating: Star Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Total paylines: 17
Winning Combos: 24
Max Jackpot: 10000 coins
Software: Win A Day
Theme: Cops and Robbers, Cops
Recent Busted Real Money Winners:
Gwen E.$2,109.5021 Mar 2019Win A Day Casino
Matthew M.$2,098.1001 Nov 2018Win A Day Casino
Dee W.$2,560.0028 Jul 2018Slotland Casino

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Play Busted at Win A Day and get and get $500 Welcome Bonus.

Busted is a classic 17 payline video slot with a Double Up feature and a unique bonus game based on Cops and Robbers! You get to choose if you want to be a tough cop or a cool robber and can win big rewards or lots of loot. Cops and robbers is a theme that never gets old, no matter your age, or the generation that you belong to.

Busted! consists of 3 games - the basic slot machine game, the Double Up game and the Cop & Robber bonus feature game. In the Double Up game any win can be doubled if you hit the DOUBLE symbol. The Cop & Robber game is represented by a sequence of fields (a path) where the Cop tries to catch the Robber. The characters move on the path by rolling the dice and collect Free Spins or Cash bonuses along the way to receive a Reward for the Cop or Loot for the Robber.

You can bet from $0.01 to $4 per payline or up to $68 per spin. In Busted! there are 2 SPIN buttons - one for the Cop and one for the Robber. You can choose to play a Robber or a Cop at anytime but you only collect the special symbols for the character you have chosen.

Double Up Bonus Game
This game is triggered when you hit the DOUBLE symbol on the rightmost wheel and have a win. You gamble on your total win from the last round. If you wish to try and double your winnings, select one of the characters (Cop or Robber) and press the respective SPIN button. If you do not wish to play the Double Up game, press the COLLECT button. If the highlighted character matches the character you have chosen, you win. If the character does not match, you lose and the bonus game ends.

Cop & Robber Bonus Game
Every time you spin, you can choose between playing as a Robber or a Cop by pressing on the respective SPIN button. When you play as a Robber, you can only collect special symbols related to Robbers and vice versa. When you switch between characters, the collected special symbols of the previous character are retained. When you collect all 5 special symbols, you enter the Cop & Robber bonus game.

In this bonus game the Cop tries to catch the Robber on a path represented by a sequence of fields. The characters move on the path by rolling the dice and along the way collect Free Spins or Cash bonuses to increase the value of the Reward or Loot. Press the "ROLL THE DICE" button to play. The Robber rolls the dice first and has an advantage of 3 fields over the Cop. The goal of the Robber is to reach the end of the path before being caught by the Cop. If the Robber escapes, he wins the amount displayed on the Loot/Reward/Double display. The Cop tries to catch the Robber and when he succeeds (steps on the same field or overtakes the Robber) he wins the reward displayed on the Loot/Reward/Double display. If the Robber escapes, the Cop loses and does not win anything but if the Cop catches the Robber, the Robber loses the game and does not win anything.

During the chase the characters may step on 3 types of fields: The "!?!" field increases the Reward/Loot amount. The "Free Spin x1", "x2", "x3" field represent free spins. The free spins are spinned immediately during the Bonus game and can bring you extra wins. Some fields may contain both free spins and cash toward the Reward/Loot amount. There are also fields that allow you to collect the special symbols.

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